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Diversity more than just gender

Unemployment defies experts again with a fall

Leadership training for a complex world

Executive hires judged too soon

Aussie companies outsource at home

Diversity more than just gender

Australian employers are tackling diversity by focusing most of their attention on gender instead of important areas such as age given Australia’s aging population.

Leadership training for a complex world

Being able to solve problems faster, cope with increasing amounts of stress and stay cool in a crisis are some of the results top executives report back to Dr Jennifer Garvey Berger after working with her.

Executive hires judged too soon

HR professionals are missing an opportunity to demonstrate the strategic role they play in their organisations due to the way they hire executives and measure the success of those hires.

Top 5 Challenges facing employers in 2012

Employers have a difficult road to hoe this year with economic uncertainty, skills shortage and restless workers all on the HR agenda. Here are Kate Southam's top 5 challenges facing em,employers in 2012.

Employers need vision to see IT talent

Mr Cross told that employers were too focused on job titles instead of looking at whether a candidate had the right skills and experience to fill a role.

Aussie candidates look for choice

Despite the tight labour market, more than a third of white-collar professional candidates weigh up more than one job offer before deciding on a new career move.

Australians happier with their job, but concerned with the economy

Australians are happier in their jobs, but are concerned with the state of the economy in 2012, according to new research.’s Hidden Hunters Report, now in its fifth year, identifies trends in job hunting behaviour across industries and key demographics.