Candidate Spotlight

Turbocharge your job posting with precision-matched, local candidates
– delivered immediately.
  • Turbocharge your hiring
  • Precision-matched resumes
  • Qualified, local candidates

Candidate Spotlight

Get qualified candidates for your job postings – instantly!

With Candidate Spotlight, CareerOne delivers precision-matched candidates for your open positions. Like a personal recruiter, we match candidates based on experience, skills, education, location, and more. After you post your job, you can view detailed candidate qualifications for free and only pay to unmask the contact information on resumes of your choice.

Candidate Spotlight offers you:

  • Fast access to highly qualified candidates.
  • Selection of the best candidates for your specific job from CareerOne's extensive Resume Database.
  • Matches based on relevant experience, skills, and education – not just keywords.
  • Ranked results based on the amount and recency of relevant qualifications; candidates who are the closest match appear at the top of your Candidate Spotlight results.
  • Free previews of candidate qualifications.
  • Unlimited matching requests for the life of the job posting.

How do I use Candidate Spotlight?

The best candidates for your job are only two steps away!

First, post a job. When you post a job on CareerOne, you can provide up to five essential skills. We'll use those criteria and the other information in your job posting to find the most qualified candidates in CareerOne's extensive resume database.

Then, view your Candidate Spotlight matches. You’ll immediately see the top matching candidates in your Candidate Spotlight Matches folder. You can preview candidate qualifications, including skills, titles held, and education for free and purchase access to the resumes of the candidates that interest you. Purchasing a resume gives you access to the candidate’s contact information. Alternately, you can modify your search and we’ll send you a new set of matched candidates. For convenience, you can purchase prepaid Candidate Spotlight 10-Packs or simply unmask individual resumes online.

What will my results look like?

Candidate Spotlight matches are ranked based on how well they match your job. Candidate listings and detailed profiles can be viewed for free and provide an informative snapshot of how the candidate matches your job requirements. Here’s what results will include:

Candidate Listings

  • Candidates are scored and ranked according to how closely they meet your job requirements.
  • A summary view displays the candidate’s total experience, current job title, location, relevant skills and identification of amount of experience with each, education level and more.
  • Matching qualifications are distilled from the resume and identified using green dots.

Candidate Profiles

  • Additional candidate details are available by clicking the resume title.
  • Under the Candidate Spotlight tab, you can view a summary of the candidate’s actual resume, additional job titles held, a list of past employers, a list of relevant skills, education, and much more.

How do I manage candidates?

When you purchase a prepaid Candidate Spotlight 10-Pack, you’re entitled to view contact information on 10 resumes.

If you do not have any inventory, the price for the individual resume/contact information will be displayed. Click the ‘Buy Now’ button and complete the order process to view the candidate resume(s) and reveal the contact information.

Resumes are saved automatically to your job folder and can be moved or copied to other folders

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