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Powered by Monster's 6Sense® to provide candidates to precisely match your jobs.
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Power Resume Search

Find the relevant candidates you need quickly and effortlessly.

Powered by Monster's 6Sense® search technology, Power Resume Search:

  • Lets you proactively search for candidates based on your criteria
  • Understand the context of your search criteria
  • Ranks candidates with the best matches on top
  • Displays candidates side-by-side for quick comparisons

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Managing Resumes

When you conduct a search, you'll see a list of qualified Resumes, including top level information like the job hunters most recent job title, employer and desired "target job." You can choose a brief or detailed view and sort your results by Resume title, location and posting date. Simply click a Resume title to view the Resume in its entirety. Flexible controls let you refine your search, conduct a new search and save favorite Resume's to a folder for later access.

CareerOne uses a simple folder approach to organising Resumes. When you conduct a search and want to save Resumes that look promising, you'll simply select them and add them to a folder. You can create folders in advance or create one on the spot. We also supply a default folder for quick access. Simply click "add to favourites" and the selected Resume will be saved for you. Your saved Resumes can always be accessed with just a click on your CareerOne homepage.

Rating and sorting candidates

Once you've saved favourite Resumes, you can use CareerOne's Resume rating tool to easily rank candidates based on how qualified they are for a given open job. As you review a candidate's Resumes, you’ll select "Rate this Resume" and choose the appropriate rating level. Rating Resumes is one quick way to review and organise candidates for future consideration.

Power Resume Search success story. Kelli Warta, Human Resources Manager at Hilti

"We were successful in hiring a National Customer Service Manager by using the CareerOne resume database. We used a variety of sourcing channels including postings on all the major job boards and sourcing through agency recruiters. The candidate we sourced via the CareerOne resume database was the preferred candidate and is now 3 months into the role and doing very well."
– Kellie Warta, Head of Human Resources, Hilti, Sydney

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